Wastewater Treatment

The communities of Hrádek nad Nisou (Czech Republic) and Bogatynia (Poland) invested in extensive upgrade of the local water treatment facility including new automation and control system to process more sewage and gray water effectively and reliably. The new control system was equipped with MicroLogix 1400 PLC made by Allen-Bradley. The challenge was to find a reliable SCADA system

that would provide the operating personnel with advanced visualization and enable remote access to the technology, SMS notification, alarming and data logging. mySCADA Box met all the requirements of the client and was implemented on top of the new control system.



The main benefit for the client is that the water treatment plant is monitored 24/7 and the history of all operation data can be retrieved on request. In alarm situation the staff gets a notice and therefore does not have to supervise the plant all the time. mySCADA Box automatically sets alarm activation values and e-mail/SMS notification to the pre-defined numbers and e-mails. The authorized personnel monitor and control every layer of the plant in real time with a usual PC connected to the Internet placed at a remote operators room. To ensure that the water leaving the plant meets all the environmental standards and expected criteria is now really easy.

After the technology modification and upgrade, running the plant is more manageable and precise – all information the operators need is at their fingertips at any time and no matter where they are.