Production Line Control

Niagara Bottling LLC in the largest family owned and operated bottled water company in the United States with geographically diversified production facilities. As a producer and supplier of Niagara brand and private label bottled water to many of the nation’s leading grocery retailers, Niagara has built the business on 45 years of offering unmatched quality, price, and service for its customers.

Niagara manufactures the products with the most high speed, automated, and technologically advanced water bottling lines in the world!  Efficiency savings gained with high-speed manufacturing and automation is another important factor that allows offering the best value bottled water.

In 2012 Niagara Bottling replaced the existing Rockwell operator panels on the production line with iPads with mySCADA Mobile system. The iPads with mySCADA Mobile Full Version downloaded from the Apple AppStore are used as by the bottling line operators in field for the local control and also enable remote control for the management directly from their office.

All visualizations were made in myPROJECT Designer that is available for free at



Scott Lyda, the engineering technician of Niagara Bottling, LLC, says: “The mySCADA system has been a very big part of our daily operation, it is very easy to use and though it may not have the best built in graphics library it has a very simple graphic import system that makes the use of the product limitless when designing your graphic interfaces.

I have turned what was meant to be a simple graphic SCADA system in to a complete HMI PLC interface system; we can control any and all PLC devices in our operation. This makes for a simple to use portable, wireless HMI at a fraction of the cost of an Allan Bradley or Siemens wireless panel.

We also use the system for viewing the status of all the plants around the entire USA. Being the largest private label water bottling company in the US it makes my job as a traveling engineer much easier. I can see what is going on around the company and plan my travels accordingly. I know that the major problems in the plants before I get there.

“In my opinion the mySCADA system is only limited by the programmers imagination.