Manufacturing Gas and Chemical System

Faeth Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd, our first Malaysian partner for the Asian branch office. mySCADA Asia has conducted a full training of our platform to the engineers of Faeth Asia Pacific. mySCADA supplied a solution and training for redundancy backup, visualisation and remote access to Faeth Asia Pacific using our platform.

Faeth Asia Pacific was established in 2011 in Penang Malaysia as a member of Faeth group with headquartered in Eschau-Hobbach, Germany. Faeth group members develop, manufacture, install and qualify customer-specific gas and chemical delivery systems for customers from various industries including the semiconductor, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical industry and LED industry. Faeth group is active worldwide with 350 employees and has an annual turnover of €22 million. With Faeth Asia Pacific partnership, mySCADA Asia has kicked off our foothold into the Asian market.