What Industry 4.0 really means? Someone says that Industry 4.0 is a collective term embracing a number of contemporary automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies, someone calls it The fourth Industrial Revolution – the cyber-physical system.

We believe, that Industry 4.0 is mostly about a smart cooperation among machines and humans based on the smart and intelligent link. mySCADA understands Industry 4.0 as a next necessary step in development. During this process, companies have time to improve their production facilities and discover new opportunities to keep up with the competitors.


One of the options to be ahead of your competitors is to ensure that all your products can be used in any industry. mySCADA has such universal system which fits to all kind of industry thanks to its complexity.

From the beginning, mySCADA keeps up with the innovations. Thanks to our flexibility, we are able to respond to the changes quickly and cleverly. It gives us a unique possibility to leave competition behind. During development of Industry 4.0 as a whole, SCADA systems are involving too. mySCADA believes that be ahead of competition and predict customer needs is the correct way to become successful company.


  • Integrated communication drivers
  • Secure connectivity due to a VPN technology
  • Fast and precise data processing
  • Realtime visualisation and control
  • Online alarm notifications over SMS and email
  • Periodic and on demand reports
  • Distributed data collection
  • Simple statistics and data analysis
  • Easy to extend for new protocols
  • Modular extensible design
  • Smart data retrieval
  • Integrated intelligence
  • Integrated communication drivers
  • Advanced protocol optimisations
  • High reliability due to integrated architecture
  • Virtually no maintenance due to integrated architecture
  • Independence on OS security fixes
  • Install and operate within 10 minutes
  • Easy to backup and restore
  • Professional visualization
  • Crisp scalable graphics
  • Animations, Effects, Time Sequences
  • Fine grain user access Levels
  • Secure remote connectivity based on VPN technology
  • HTTPS secure access
  • Automatic data optimisation
  • Automatic type conversion
  • Clear and robust data interpretation
  • Direct export to MS Excel
  • Rigid testing
  • OS independency
  • Redundancy
  • mySCADA unique software tool myREPORTS offers complex data analysis
  • Export to PDF, MS Excel; use graphs or histograms and much more)
  • Fewer errors means:
  • less line stops
  • less delays
  • increased production