Palm Oil Production Facility

About This Project

mySCADA Asia worked to develop an effective condition monitoring system and up/downtime monitoring system. For this system the palm oil extraction machines are being monitored for maintenance and OEE purposes.

Alarm management is a vital component of this project. mySCADA alarm management makes it easy for users to have a clear overview of all alarms and easily adjust parameters. Users can easily set the threshold limits with mySCADA system. Therefore, an alarm will be triggered if the value is lower or higher than the threshold set previously. In addition, mySCADA system provides remote notification via SMS and email that will be sent to the person in charge if an alarm is triggered to maximize the effectiveness of the production and shorten the down time.

Data logging is important for analysis and future improvement. In this project, users can easily review the data in many different formats which includes, line graph, bar graph, tables, and timeline which is a unique graphical format feature of mySCADA.

Condition Monitoring System Added Value

  • Increased clarity of information
  • Complete logging and reporting of production up and down times live for management to review and increase productivity.
  • Clear overview of all live and historical alarms. Alarm management dashboard allows for understanding of alarm frequency and time loss for each alarm.
  • Preventative maintenance alerts using maintenance monitoring and runtime monitoring. This is important to reduce unexpected down times, while also increasing the lifespan of machine components. This will lead to saving cost by reducing premature maintenance.
  • User management with login tracking increases accountability of production personnel.

With visualization clients are able to monitor their production remotely and access all data at the touch of a button. Presenting data in a clear and graphical format for clarity and ease of noticing trends. In this project automated system logging of data, alarms and users to increase the accountability of the production. Finally, the automated maintenance features will reduce cost in addition to increasing productivity.

myPANEL Displaying HMI Locally
myBOX For Full Remote Capability

RC Precision Engineering was the supply chain partner for this project. They carried out the research and development works along side mySCADA Asia for this project. Additionally they were responsible for the physical deployment of the project as well as the integration of sensors and PLC.